Carole Packman murder: Russell Causley parole to be 'reconsidered'

BBC Dorset News Feed - 10 hours 31 min ago
Russell Causley, who murdered Carole Packman 35 years ago, refuses to say where he put her body.
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Brooks' Covid-19 all-clear boosts Wales

BBC Dorset News Feed - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 17:45
Bournemouth midfielder David Brooks should be available for Wales' October games after a negative Covid-19 test.
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John Gordon plaque covered after church votes to remove it

BBC Dorset News Feed - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 15:15
The plaque celebrates John Gordon's part in quelling a slave uprising in which hundreds were killed.
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Facing redundancy and not sure what to do? Reach out for support and advice

Dorset Council News Feed - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 14:49

Citizens Advice Dorset and Dorset Council are encouraging people with employment concerns as a result of COVID-19 to reach out and seek advice as soon as possible.

Citizens Advice Dorset has helped over 1,000* people with employment issues since lockdown, a 35% increase compared to the same period last year. Redundancy, furlough and pay are the top issues it has dealt with during the pandemic.

If you have lost your job, had your hours or pay reduced, or redundancy is on the horizon, Citizens Advice can help. This includes checking your redundancy is fair, entitlement to redundancy pay, furlough, notice period, holiday pay and paid time off to look for work. See the support available.

Helen Goldsack, Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Purbeck, said:

“We have helped people with a huge range of issues since lockdown, but we know that as the furlough scheme draws to an end, lots of people may be feeling worried and need advice.

“If you’re at risk of redundancy, it’s important to know you do have rights to help protect you from unfair dismissal and to ensure you’re paid what you’re owed.

“It’s completely understandable that you may find the rules and procedures overwhelming, but you don’t have to face redundancy alone. We are here to help.”

Get support now

To talk to someone who can help, call the Dorset Citizens Advice Adviceline on 0344 411 1444 or see more about the support available at

Calls cost the same as calls to landline numbers. See more about Citizens Advice call charges.

Job opportunities in Dorset

A number of jobs are currently available, especially in the social care sector. This is a particular issue at the moment, when staff have to look after several locations which could hinder infection control.

The Dorset Social Care recruitment campaign could be of interest to those working in hospitality, leisure and the entertainment industries which have been badly hit by COVID-19.

Job seekers can find out more and register their interest by submitting their details and uploading a CV to the social care jobs website at

Their details will then be passed on to care providers who’ve signed up to the scheme.

Cllr Laura Miller, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health, who’s leading the Reaching Out campaign for the council, said:

 “Many people in the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries have some great transferrable skills that could be an asset to the social care sector.

“During the current crisis, when infection control is so important, if more people work in the social care sector, particularly in care homes, there is less need for them travel between different sites, therefore reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19.”

Councillor Miller continued: “Working in adult social care is an excellent career choice with many development opportunities. Please take a look at the website to connect with employers and make the most of your skills and opportunities to develop your career’.

Seek advice and support or see vacancies now

See how to get employment, financial and mental health advice at

Find current adult social care vacancies at and

See hints and tips on applying for jobs and latest vacancies on the Jobcentre Plus jobs page

 *Statistics from 23 March 2020 – 16 September 2020.

Citizens Advice Dorset’s seven things to check if you’re at risk of redundancy 1 Check if your redundancy is fair.

There are rules to protect you from being discriminated against, and for being picked for redundancy due to an unfair reason.

For example, although you can be made redundant while pregnant or on maternity leave, you cannot be made redundant because you’re pregnant or on maternity leave. If you are this counts as “automatic unfair dismissal” and discrimination.

Examples of unfair reasons for redundancy can include being picked because you work part-time or you made a complaint about health and safety.

Check your redundancy is fair.

2  Check how much redundancy pay you get.

You’re entitled to statutory redundancy pay, which is the minimum the law says you’re entitled to, if you’ve been an employee for two years. The amount you will get depends on your age and how long you have worked for the company. You won’t get statutory redundancy pay if you’ve worked for the company for less than two years, are self-employed or are in certain professions such as the armed forces or police.

You may also lose out on statutory redundancy pay if you turn down a suitable alternative job from your employer without a good reason. Your employer may also pay extra money on top of the statutory amount you’re entitled to – this is called contractual redundancy pay. Some employees may be entitled to contractual redundancy pay even though they are not entitled to statutory redundancy pay.

3  Furloughed? Make sure you get 100% redundancy pay.

If you were furloughed and then made redundant, your redundancy pay should be based on your normal wage. If you were paid 80% of your wages while on furlough, your redundancy pay should be based on your full wage.

4  Check your notice period.

If you’ve worked for your employer for at least a month you’re entitled to a paid statutory notice period. If you’ve worked there for more than a month but less than two years, you have to be given a week’s notice. For two years or more, it’s a week for each full year you have worked, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. You may be entitled to a longer notice period as part of your employment contract.

Your notice period only starts when your employer says you’ll be made redundant and gives you a finishing date – not when your employer says you’re at risk of redundancy.

Your employer might decide to give you notice pay instead of your notice period – this is called ‘pay in lieu of notice’.

5  Check your holiday pay.

You’ll be paid for any holiday you have left over when you leave. This should be at your normal rate’s pay, even if you’re currently furloughed on 80% of your pay. You can ask to take holiday during your notice period, but it’s up to your employer to decide if you can take it then. Your employer can also tell you to use up any holiday you have left over, but they must give you notice. The notice must be at least twice as long as the holiday they want you to take.

6  You might be entitled to paid time off to look for work.

If you’ve worked for your employer for two years at the end of your notice period, you’re likely to be entitled to ‘reasonable’ time off to apply for jobs or go on training. You can take the time off at any time in normal working hours and your employer can’t ask you to rearrange your work hours to make up the time off. When taking time off to look for work, you’ll be paid at your normal hourly rate, but only for up to 40% of a week’s work – for instance for up to two days if you work a five day week. See preparing for after redundancy for more information.

7 Check if you’ve got legal help via your home insurance.

Often people get ‘legal expenses cover’ as part of their home insurance package, but many don’t realise they can get free legal help to challenge their redundancy if they think it’s discriminatory or unfair. It’s worth checking the terms and conditions and speaking to your insurer if unsure.

If you have a trade union at work, you could also contact them. Your union can help you work out if you’ve got a claim, and support you through the process, for example by going to meetings with you or negotiating on your behalf.

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5G RuralDorset – introducing project partner Excelerate

Dorset Council News Feed - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 08:25

5G RuralDorset last week visited communications technology partner Excelerate at its Cardiff HQ to catch up on progress with this exciting Government-funded project.

This ground-breaking project, led by Dorset Council and part-funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme, is aimed at understanding how next generation connectivity can help people live better, safer and more prosperous lives in rural communities. It includes work on public safety and emergency response communications, which are both Excelerate specialisms. The company also provides high tech systems integration of data, video and voice via satellite and 4G solutions into most of the Incident Command Vehicles for UK Police, Fire and Ambulance as well as other sectors whilst ensuring optimum connectivity and coverage resilience.

Excelerate Operations Director Bethan Evans took the opportunity to show off the latest in emergency command vehicles, which the company now exports world-wide. Excitingly one of their command vehicles is being supplied to Qatar’s National Ambulance Service as part of the Emergency Preparedness requirements for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Bethan commented: “This week we are showcasing examples of what we provide to our mission critical First Responder customers globally. There’s a two-way benefit to our involvement in the 5G RuralDorset initiative. We bring 19 years of global experience, whereas the work of the project will serve as a catalyst to help us develop newer satellite and 5G connectivity solutions.”

“Our past, present and future innovations will be crucial to the success of the 5G RuralDorset project which is being undertaken in beautiful and sensitive environments and comes with the connectivity challenges you would expect with remote locations.”

Excelerate most recently provided a similar command vehicle to act as an emergency communications hub for the Nightingale Hospital in London. This technical knowledge and experience will play a key part in the public safety aspects of the 5G RuralDorset project.

Dorset Council Deputy Leader Peter Wharf remarked: “5G is coming fast, and it is great to see our partner Excelerate innovating in this space and helping to keep people safe and secure in these trying times. The technology that Excelerate provides will be invaluable to the success of the 5G RuralDorset project in Dorset’s very challenging and sensitive environments.”

For further information please contact:

James Pryce, 5G RuralDorset Communications Officer – 01305 225064

About Excerlerate Technology

Excelerate Technology formed in 2001, and has its Headquarters based in Cardiff. Excelerate is a specialist and leading Technology Partner, providing solutions to a range of markets, from public safety, emergency services and health care to commercial and maritime sectors.

Through a combination of cellular, satellite and wireless technology, we provide integrated products and solutions that overcome boundaries and limitations – enabling the flexibility needed for mobile and remote environments.

We are technology agnostic. Instead of focusing on a ‘one size fits all’ approach we focus on matching and applying the right technology to the application.

For more information visit

About 5G RuralDorset

5G RuralDorset is a ground-breaking project aimed at understanding how next generation connectivity can help people live better, safer and more prosperous lives in rural communities, even in environments as sensitive as Dorset’s UNESCO heritage coastline.  We aim to show how 5G can make Dorset a better place to live, work and visit.

The research and development project will contribute to the understanding of how 5G can be used to address some specific challenges – public safety, economic growth, food production, and environment – as well as create new opportunities in Dorset and rural communities across the UK.

5G RuralDorset is a consortium led by Dorset Council and includes local, national and international partners. The project is part-funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and is part of its 5G Rural Testbed & Trials programme.

For up to date news and information about the 5G RuralDorset project, please subscribe to our mailing list here.

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Bournemouth family thank donor after heart transplant

BBC Dorset News Feed - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 00:08
Abbie Burkmar says her three-year-old son is on the road to recovery after the life-saving donation.
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New guidance - what must I do?

BBC Dorset News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 16:43
Step-by-step, what to do to help prevent the spread of the virus.
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Woman knocked down in Poole Asda car park dies

BBC Dorset News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 14:33
She was taken to hospital in Southampton but died from her injuries the next day, police say.
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Dorset Council’s Cabinet to meet on 6 October

Dorset Council News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 14:31

Dorset Council’s Cabinet will meet next Tuesday (6 October) with a large and important agenda, including the budget for 2021/22. The agenda has been published online today

Members of the public can watch the Cabinet meeting online by downloading the Microsoft Teams app and following the link on the published agenda. Details of how to request to speak and submit questions for Cabinet are also available on the council’s website.  A recording of the meeting will be available afterwards to watch on the council’s YouTube channel (DorsetCouncilUK).

All reports coming the October Cabinet meeting will be considered within the context of the council’s financial position, now and over the coming years. The first report on the agenda provides a framework for the council’s budget for 2021/22 and the Medium-Term Financial Plan (MTFP) for 2021 – 2026. It also outlines the work which will be undertaken during coming months so that the budget and MTFP can be finalised at the Full Council meeting in February 2021.   

Like many councils across the country, Dorset Council has taken a big financial hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that the total impact of COVID-19 on the council’s budget is more than £60m due to additional expenditure and lost income. After grants and reliefs from Government for COVID-19, the net impact this financial year is around £35m. Without further funding from Government, the council will be forced to use significant quantities of its own reserves this year to cover the gap. Reserves can only be spent once so this will place additional strain on future resilience and potentially leave the council unable to fund changes in demand-led services in future. 

There are likely to be ongoing budget pressures resulting from COVID-19 in future years too, and this is on top of the continually growing demand for adults and children’s social care as a result of our changing population. There are many uncertainties making it hard to forecast the council’s financial position over coming years, but the current best estimate is that the council will face a budget gap of £41.9m in 2021/22. 

Work is underway to close the budget gap next financial year. The council has identified £11.9m of tactical savings (such as deleting vacant posts, reducing staff travel and training budgets, and making contract efficiencies) and a potential £8.2m of transformation savings (i.e. changing the way we deliver services).  At this stage, this still leaves a budget gap of £21.8m so further work is required to be able to present a balanced budget proposal for Full Council to consider in February 2021. 

Cllr Gary Suttle, Portfolio Holder for Finance, Commercial and Capital Strategy, said: 

“These are very uncertain times. We may face a second wave of COVID-19 here in Dorset and, if we do, there will be a further financial impact from that. There is also uncertainty around the content of the government’s comprehensive spending review, likely to be announced in December, so we don’t yet have details of council funding next year. 

“The savings we’ve made over the last 18 months as a result of local government reorganisation and the creation of Dorset Council to replace the former county, district and borough councils is helping us to weather this storm. But it remains a very challenging time financially. We continue to lobby Government, directly with Government Minsters and via Dorset MPs, for the funding we need to serve the people of Dorset. We are grateful to the government for the additional support they have provided this year to help with the gap in our budget caused by COVID-19, but it isn’t enough to fully cover the cost. We are working hard to manage our budget gap over the coming months but there may be difficult decisions ahead.” 

Other reports coming to the Cabinet meeting on 6 October

The Dorset Workplace – outlines a set of principles that will allow council employees to work from the place, or more likely the places, where they can best serve residents, customers and clients in the most effective way in future. It recommends rationalisation of the council office accommodation and more flexible working, including working from or out of home and other locations, as appropriate. 

Value for money – recommends conducting value for money reviews of all council services. 

Dinah’s Hollow Slope Stabilisation – proposals for slope stabilisation work at Dinah’s Hollow, Melbury Abbas to mitigate risk of landslip. 

Weymouth Harbour and Esplanade Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy – outlines a plan of works for Weymouth harbour walls and esplanade sea defences, agreed with the Environment Agency, to manage the risk of tidal flood and coastal erosion over the next 100 years. 

Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy Delivery Plan – proposes a Climate Action Plan (to meet the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2040) for public consultation, along with the Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy. 

Dog-related Public Space Protection Order – summarises the findings from a Dog-related Public Space Protection Order consultation undertaken between January and May 2020. Informed by the consultation it proposes the Dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order 2020 to replace and consolidate existing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) and provisions for the council area for a period of three years.   

Financial provision to the voluntary and community sector – explains the results of the public consultation earlier this year on proposals for future allocation funding to the voluntary community sector. It is proposed that the council maintains overall levels of funding to the sector and introduces a harmonised, equitable approach to allocation of funding across the Dorset Council area, enabling the voluntary community sector to deliver community priorities for the period 2021-2026. 

Planning for the Future’ White Paper: consultation response – recommends the proposed council response to the government’s white paper, ‘Planning for the Future’, which proposes radical changes to England’s current planning system.  

Children and Young People and Families’ Plan 2020-2023 – recommends the Children, Young People and Families Plan 2020-23 for endorsement and adoption by the council. The vision for the plan is:
“for Dorset to be the best place to be a child, where communities thrive and families are supported to be the best they can be.” 


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Dorset Council publishes Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan ahead of Cabinet meeting

Dorset Council News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 14:22

Dorset Council has prepared its action plan for how the local authority will help tackle climate change over the next few decades.

Having declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency last year, a draft Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy was produced in July 2020. This presented eight key areas for action to ensure that the Council’s services and estate become carbon neutral (i.e. they save more carbon than they produce) by 2040, and across the whole Dorset Council area by 2050.

Following approval of the strategy, Cabinet members asked for a costed action plan that identifies what the Council will do to hit the strategy’s targets.

In a paper set to go to Dorset Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 6 October, a report sets out the findings of this work and gives an idea of working costs to feed into the budget setting process. The paper also recommends that both the Climate Change strategy and action plan are taken to public consultation at the end of October.

The draft plan contains 187 actions for how the Council will tackle climate change over the next 20-30 years. Around 97 of these will require additional funding, totalling in the region of £127m over that period.

Examples of actions proposed include: –

  • Make the most of renewable energy opportunities of all Council-owned buildings; convert all buildings without gas/electricity to heat pumps or biomass, convert heating of all other buildings to hydrogen-ready hybrid heat pumps, install solar panels on every roof
  • Construct or buy into large renewable energy installation/s (solar panels or wind turbines) on Council-owned land to meet demand
  • Produce a supplementary planning policy to encourage renewable energy being integrated into all new buildings
  • Use Council buildings in trial projects to test the use of hydrogen heating
  • Reduce use of fertilisers on council land by increased use of locally produced compost
  • Develop plan to transition County Farms to low carbon production – Work with County Farm tenants to encourage the adoption of more climate and ecological friendly practice
  • Councillors to lobby government for additional resources and the national policy framework to support climate action in Dorset
  • Establish a policy to ensure all new buildings that Dorset Council has direct influence over (as landowners, clients, or designers) are zero carbon
  • Creation of suitable high ecological value areas on council land (incl. bee-friendly, wildflower, hedge and woodland planting zones) and areas for carbon sequestration and climate resilience
  • Ensure access to sustainable transport is considered in planning applications
  • Encourage decarbonisation of road transport through development of public Electric Vehicle charging network and promotion of ultra-low emission vehicles
  • Where feasible, replace Council vehicle fleet with electric and or Hydrogen replacements

Cllr Ray Bryan, Dorset Council’s Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment, said:

“From the very start of this process, I said we would work hard to ensure that both our strategy and action plan for the Climate and Ecological Emergency were ambitious, exciting and realistic. Now that these have been fully drafted, I’m proud to present them as a true demonstration of how seriously we are taking our responsibilities toward tackling climate change.

There are some quick-wins within the plan that we’ll be looking to get in place as soon as possible, but there are also hugely ambitious actions – especially regarding renewable energy – that I’m excited to hear what the public think about. Some actions just need us to change how we do things, but others will require extra funding, changes in government legislation and close partnership working.

I want to thank the many councillors and officers who have taken the time to help devise this strategy and plan, as well the members of the public who submitted their views and ideas earlier this year, which were incorporated into our work. Please read the strategy and action plan and be sure to let us know what you think when the consultation opens.”

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Emergency services use surf therapy to treat staff

BBC Dorset News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 13:30
The project uses surf therapy as a treatment method for PTSD, stress and mental health issues.
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Your feedback about Bridport Gateway

Dorset Council News Feed - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 09:21

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback about the latest proposals for Bridport Gateway. 

Over the summer we asked people to tell us what they thought of plans to build a new community development in Bridport. 

The new development would be close to Bridport’s centre

Part of the council’s Building Better Lives programme, the aim of the development is to deliver new, high quality accommodation and services in Bridport for people with care needs. 

The scheme will help meet the increasing demand for dementia care in the area. It will also boost the supply of extra care accommodation to help younger adults with disabilities and/or care needs to live more independently. 

Essential keyworker housing for people employed in the care sector locally is another important feature of the scheme. 

Feedback gathered over the summer

Together with our project partners, Shaw Healthcare, Morgan Sindall Later Living and East Boro Housing Trust, we asked for feedback about the proposals to help shape the scheme designs before a planning application is made. 

Leaflets were sent to all residents living in Bridport and its surrounding villages about our proposals across two sites in the town centre – the Flood Lane site next to Morrisons and the Fisherman’s Arms site off South Street. 

Residents were invited to submit comments via an online survey and four phone-in sessions. Written comments could also be submitted via email or post. 

What did we learn?

We had a great response to the survey with more than 120 comments submitted through a range of channels.  

Lots of you like the proposed development and see Bridport Gateway as something beneficial for the town. More than half of the responses to the online survey (41/66) were positive and queries were about checking the development would match your expectations 

You are also happy to see that we are providing more affordable housing as part of the development, and that it is for key workers, locals and young people.  

A handful of survey comments (4/66) raised concerns that the development will ghettoise elderly people in Bridport. We want the development to be the opposite of this. Our key aim is to ensure that those living in the scheme are part of the Bridport’s vibrant community scene. This is why the development will be close in the town centre, rather than out of town. We hope that Bridport Gateway residents will help increase footfall for local businesses and, in turn, support Bridport’s local economy. 

Some of you were concerned about the height of the development, its density and whether it will be in keeping with existing buildings nearby. Some of you also said the development should be environmentally sustainable, while others raised concerns about parking and traffic management. The detailed design and planning process will address these issues, making sure that the development will fit with the surrounding area and be in line with Dorset Council’s emerging climate policies. 

Frequently asked questions

There were some questions that cropped up several times which we would like to answer here: 

How will the keyworker housing be allocated?

There will be a Local Lettings Plan agreed which will prioritise keyworker housing for local people working in health and care services in Bridport.  

Our aim is for homes at the Fisherman’s Arms site to be available at a mixture of social rent levels or affordable rents. The keyworker housing tenancy is intended to be an annual rolling agreement to ensure that the units are always occupied by keyworkers and available as such in perpetuity.  

What will the buildings look like in detail?

We don’t know yet. The comments people submitted over the summer will be fed into the detailed design phase. Once the developers have submitted the planning application you will be able to see the detailed submission and have your say as part of the formal consultation. 

Will you keep the memorial stone and gardens at the old Bridport Connect building? 

We will make sure a memorial is kept on the Flood Lane site and we will discuss this with residents when we get further into the design process. 

Cllr Laura Miller, Dorset Council’s Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health said:

“Thank you everyone who gave their feedback to our initial proposals for the Bridport Gateway scheme. We’re really heartened by the positive responses we received but will also be sure to take on board any concerns that have been raised as we move to the design phase.” 

Cllr Graham Carr-Jones, Dorset Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing said:

“The Bridport Gateway development aims to create places to live for people of all ages who have care needs. Thank you to everyone who got in touch. We have listened to your feedback and have shared it with our development partners so your views can help shape the design of the scheme as it moves forward.”  

Next steps

We have reviewed and collated all of the feedback we received and have shared it with the developers so that they can factor your views into their designs for the scheme. 

We are talking to residents in care homes, and people who receive care in their own homes, to ask their views on these proposals. We will also be talking to voluntary and community organisations in the area to get their comments, answer their questions and find ways of ensuring we can work together to provide a good range of activities in the Flood Lane site. 

When the developers submit their planning applications there will be a formal consultation where you can comment on the detailed designs for the buildings on both the sites. 

Find more information about Bridport Gateway.


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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy: Southern Vipers beat Northern Diamonds to win title

BBC Dorset News Feed - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 17:02
Southern Vipers win the inaugural Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy with a 38-run win over Northern Diamonds at Edgbaston.
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Bournemouth v Norwich City

BBC Dorset News Feed - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 11:19
Live coverage of Sunday's Championship game between Bournemouth and Norwich City.
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Parnham House: 'Adventure stays' plan for arson attack estate

BBC Dorset News Feed - Sat, 09/26/2020 - 12:17
A former rave scene promoter has bought a Grade l-listed mansion which was gutted in a fire.
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Covid-19: Fewer than 0.1% fined for no masks on trains

BBC Dorset News Feed - Sat, 09/26/2020 - 00:12
Police said enforcement in the form of fixed penalty notices was only used as a "last resort".
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Volunteer to help Dorset through COVID-19

Dorset Council News Feed - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 14:59

Dorset residents are being urged to step forward and volunteer to be part of the community response to COVID-19 as cases start to rise nationally again.

Volunteer Centre Dorset is looking for new volunteers to come forward and register to help support people who are struggling because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cases are low in Dorset compared to other parts of the country. However, organisations involved the coordinated community response to the virus are preparing for a potential rise in demand for help from residents who need to self-isolate.

Volunteers needed, especially in Weymouth

Volunteers are needed across the county but there is a particular need for people to come forward from the Weymouth area.

If you can help others by:

  • shopping for food
  • delivering food parcels
  • collecting prescriptions
  • telephone befriending

you are encouraged to come forward and register to volunteer.

Cllr Laura Miller, Dorset Council Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health said:

“We all remember the fantastic response from the Dorset community during the first wave of the outbreak.

“As we head towards winter, we need to call upon that goodwill again in order to help some of our residents get through what is likely to be a tough time.”

Marie Waterman, Manager of the Volunteer Centre Dorset said:

“We want to make sure that our residents are looking out for one another and that anyone who needs to stay at home will be safe and have the things they need, whether it’s food, medicine or simply someone to talk over the phone or online.

“If you’re healthy and know yourself to be at low risk of the virus, we are urging you to come forward and help others in your community.

“The amount of time you give can be flexible and you don’t necessarily need a driver’s license. Whatever help people can offer is greatly appreciated.”

Dave Thorp, CEO of Age UK North, South and West Dorset said:

“During the spring and summer, volunteers helped us to deliver vital services to older people in North, South & West Dorset as part of the Community Response.

“We now need to ask for that fantastic help again, to ensure that nobody goes without essential supplies and a friendly contact during the next few months.

“Please give whatever time you can, and make a real difference to the most vulnerable within our communities.”

To register, you will be asked for your contact details, what activities you would be willing to do, your availability and details of your DBS check, if you have one.

Find more information about Dorset’s community response to COVID-19.

Help available for people self-isolating

If you are self-isolating because of COVID-19 and don’t have family, friends or a support network that can get the things you need like food or medicine, don’t worry – help is available.

Tell us what you need using our online form, or call us on 01305 221000 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Find more information online at

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Covid-19: What has it meant for the 'busiest' trains?

BBC Dorset News Feed - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 13:58
Data for autumn 2019 shows 22% of passengers into London were standing. That was before Covid-19 struck.
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Cold War Steve Bournemouth beach artwork covered up

BBC Dorset News Feed - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 13:25
One side of a 25-metre windbreak will not be shown as a council objects to its political scenes.
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Dorset Police: Black people '25 times more likely' to be stopped

BBC Dorset News Feed - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 13:04
The police and crime commissioner said the figures had been Dorset Police's "Achilles' heel".
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